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Below are examples of two of the more than 129 Real-Life Letter Templates included in Instant Business Letter Kit; one employee-related, the other customer-related. What makes Real-Life Templates stand out from the typical cut-and-paste generic templates is that Real-Life Templates are professionally written fully-formatted business letters that are based on actual business situations.

In effect, each Real-Life Template is a separate "mini-case study" of a typical real life situation that you will encounter on a regular basis if you are involved in any kind of business, whether its small business, home business, or a large corporation.

The beauty of Real-Life Templates is that they can be loaded straight into your word processing program. (MS-Word, etc.). Then all you need to do is a bit of copying, cutting, and pasting, and presto, you will have a fully-formatted professional document all ready to send out!

Sample Business Letter - Employee

(employee termination letter, downsizing)


December 5, 20XX

Thomas Zatinski
795 Gilmour St.
Apt. 508
Chicago, IL, 60611

Dear Thomas:

It is with sincere regret that I must inform you that your employment at Addison Systems Inc. will be terminated as of Friday January 31, 20xx.

As you know, the Downsizing Task Force delivered their report to the general manager in late December, 20xx. Among the task force recommendations was the elimination of all temporary and contract positions. Since you occupy a temporary position, your position is automatically subject to the task force recommendations.

I would like to make it absolutely clear that in no way does your termination reflect that the company is in any way unhappy with your work performance over the past 18 months. In fact, you have been highly regarded as one of our most productive contract staffers. Unfortunately, you and the other non-permanent staff that are being let go are simply a reflection of the general economic downturn in the fiber-optics industry over the past year.

In an effort to try to reduce the impact of this termination, the company has worked out a severance arrangement that will give you one week's pay for each month you worked beyond 12 months. In your case this will amount to six (6) weeks of severance pay. In addition, your medical and dental coverage will remain in effect until the end of the severance period. You will soon receive a letter from the Human Resources Department with all of the details on the severance package.

Thomas, given your qualifications and proven abilities, I am confident that you will be able to find another position in the relatively near future. If you would like, I would be pleased to write a recommendation letter for you, to help with your job search.


Fred Shandling
Unit Manager

cc: R. Jackson, Human Resources

Sample Business Letter - Apology

(letter of apology, customer service error)

June 20, 20XX

Ms. Rebecca Quinlan
2595 Dewhurst Circle
Unit No. 16
Birmingham, AL 35233

Dear Ms. Quinlan:

The purpose of this is to convey to you my sincere apologies for any inconvenience you may have experienced last month with respect to the installation of your Internet high speed service.

I just returned from vacation this week and found your file in my in-basket. As soon as I reviewed your case it was clear that somehow your May 12th request for a change in service had somehow slipped through the cracks. The only possible explanation I can give is that we have recently had a number of key staff changes which might have resulted in your letter being overlooked.

Consequently, I have directed our Installation Group to contact you by the end of this week to set up a time convenient to you when they could go to your house and install your new router and make the necessary adjustments to your software.

Because of this serious oversight, and as a testament to our appreciation of you as our customer, we are going to provide you with your first three months of high speed service free of charge. Therefore, your account will not be billed until October of this year.

Ms. Quinlan, let me assure you that what happened in your case is not typical of CableNet's level of customer service. We continue to be committed to providing you and all of our customers with the highest standards of service in the industry.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call me at 754-9785.

Yours in service,

Paulo Colanzi
Manager, Customer Solutions

The above are just two examples of the many real-life templates in Instant Business Letter Kit.

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