Sample Resignation Letter Templates

The following are examples of real-life templates for two letters of resignation contained in Instant Resignation Letter Kit. That writing toolkit contains comprehensive tips, tricks, and pointers as well as 39 fully-formatted real life templates. It also has extensive resource information that will be needed before and/or after one resigns, including over 100 fully researched job hunting and resume writing links, as well as additional job-related letter templates: cover letters, recommendation letters, reference letters, thank you letters, introduction letters, and resignation retraction letters. All of the templates in the Kit are fully-formatted and are based on real-life situations, rather than on the typical over-generalized traditional fill-in-the-blank type of templates.

The beauty of the real-life templates in the Kit is that they can be loaded straight into your word processing program. (MS-Word compatible). Then all you need to do is a bit of copying, cutting, pasting, and revising, and presto, you will have a fully-formatted professionally written document all ready to send out!

Sample Resignation Letter

(resign from committee)

2813 Carling Ave.
Suite No. 1501
Ottawa, ON, K2G 0P9

June 18, 2003

Adult Recovery Programs
Community Advisory Committee
C/O Royal Ontario Hospital
Ottawa, Ontario
K1J 3S8

Dear Committee Members:

This is to officially advise you that on June 28, 2003 I will be relocating to Montreal to begin a new job. Consequently, since I will be moving out of the area, I am obliged to tender my resignation as Chairperson, of the Adult Recovery Programs Community Advisory Committee, effective this date.

Although I am moving on to new and positive challenges from both professional and personal perspectives, I will be sad to have to leave my work with our committee behind. I believe that since the restructuring exercise of a couple of years ago, we have begun to make real progress in positively influencing the provision and management of adult recovery services programs at both the facility level (ROH and Wilson Farm), and most recently, at the regional level.

I would like to thank you all for your support and cooperation during my period as Chair of our committee. Despite the move to Montreal at this time, I fully expect to be back in the Ottawa area within a few years, at which time I would hope to again become involved in serving the adult recovery services community in this area.

Until then, I urge you all to continue on with this important and meaningful community service work. Without dedicated volunteers like you, the ROH and Ottawa-Carleton would not have the substantial community support and input that your involvement provides.

Yours in service,

Alex Bell

Sample Resignation Letter

(leaving for another job)

789 Ferguson St.
Exeter, PA, 52094

June 2, 2003

Alfred Shrimpton
Director, Marketing
LithText International Inc.
151 North Valley Dr.
Exeter, PA, 52187

Dear Alfred:

This is to advise you that I have accepted the position of Marketing Manager, with Gandolfo Networks Inc., based in Buffalo New York. Accordingly, please regard this as my official letter of resignation.

My last day of work here will be June 28, 2003. This will give me three full weeks from next Monday to complete the current marketing program design that I have recently been putting the finishing touches on. In addition, during this period I will be able to bring both you, and my deputy Aaron Roach, up-to-speed on all of the operations and outstanding issues in my department.

I am very much looking forward to the professional challenge being offered to me by Gandolfo, which as you know, is the market leader in its field. Incidentally, during the recruiting process, the Gandolfo people were very impressed with the experience and knowledge that I had gained here at LithText International over the past five years.

In closing, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to you as my supervisor, as well as to my many friends and colleagues at LithText. I have truly enjoyed my years working with all of you, and am grateful for the many learning and growth opportunities I was given over the years.

I wish all of you at LithText International continued success.


Ryan Alexander

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