Sample Letters of Recommendation

The following are just a couple of real-life template examples of the types of letters contained in Instant Recommendation Letter Kit, one college-related, and the other employment-related. That Writing Kit actually contains 89 such templates covering the five(5) main types of letters of recommendation (i.e. recommendation letters and reference letters). All of the templates in the Kit are professionally written, fully-formatted letters that are based on real-life situations -- rather than the typical over-generalized traditional fill-in-the-blank types of templates.

The beauty of the real-life templates in the Kit is that they can be instantly downloaded straight into your word processing program. (MS-Word compatible). Then all you need to do is a bit of copying, cutting, pasting and revising, and presto, you will have a fully-formatted professionally written document all ready to send out!

Instant Recommendation Letter Kit also contains a 60-page recommendation letter writing style guide as well as detailed step-by-step instructions on how to quickly and easily create your own letter(s) by adapting an existing real-life template.

Sample Recommendation Letter

(college admission - undergraduate)

May 20, 20xx

Ms. Jillian Shepperd
Director of Admissions
Admissions and Recruitment Office
MacDonald University
1449 Dorchester Ave. W., Rm 451
Montreal, QC, H3A 1T4

Dear Ms. Shepperd:

I am very pleased to write this recommendation on behalf of Layla Bell.

Layla has been a student in the accelerated liberal arts program at Holymount High for her entire four years of high school. During that period I have observed her grow into a poised and accomplished young woman. She is an exceptional student with excellent grades resulting from diligent work habits.

Layla has superior interpersonal skills and works equally well independently or in a group setting. She also displays good leadership skills when involved in group projects. She is very well liked and respected by both her peers and her teachers.

Among her many service activities at the school, Layla was a coach of the junior track team for the past two years and she was a member of the senior cross-country team. She also took part in the Mentoring Program and helped a number of juniors navigate their way through their first year of high school. In addition, Layla was involved in organizing a number of fund-raising projects at the school, including a team marathon event that raised over $5,000 for cancer research.

Layla has shown an ongoing interest in world affairs and international development. It is my understanding that she intends to pursue an Honors degree in Political Science or Sociology. She has traveled extensively and has written outstanding reports with observations on conditions she has witnessed throughout the world.

I believe that Layla Bell has tremendous potential as a student and I feel quite confident that she would be an asset to both student life and academics at MacDonald University.

Yours truly,

Allan S. Fenton

Sample Recommendation Letter

(employment, targeted)

October 25, 20xx

Ms. Miranda Swanson
Executive Editor, Corporate Accounts
Randolf Communications Inc.
1535 Seventh Avenue
New York, NY 10014
(212) 543-9263

Dear Ms. Swanson:

Gregory Hines requested that I write this letter to you with reference to his recent application to your company as a Senior Corporate Illustrator.

Gregory worked under my supervision as an Editorial Illustrator from May 20xx, until December 20xx. His responsibilities included conducting research, developing concepts, preparing concept boards, and rendering final graphic illustrations for publication. In addition, he performed some administrative and clerical duties related to the maintenance of the company illustration database.

During the over three years that he reported to me, Gregory proved himself to be a highly skilled and exceptionally talented graphic illustrator. He consistently produced superior quality work, on time, and within budget targets.

I was particularly impressed by Greg's ability to complete all of his work on time, even when he was multi-tasking on two or more major projects in parallel. Frequently, he even completed his assignments ahead of time. His research was invariably thorough and comprehensive, and his editorial concepts were consistently creative and always appropriate and timely.

Gregory developed his own personal "signature" style of illustration that quickly became the preferred choice of a number of our most valued customers. Because of that, he was assigned as lead illustrator on a number of major projects where normally, he would have been a secondary resource. This gave him the opportunity to demonstrate his excellent team leadership and project management skills.

Overall, Gregory is a conscientious, dedicated, and exemplary employee. I certainly think he has a bright future ahead of him in the editorial illustration field. Accordingly, I am pleased to recommend him for any intermediate to senior level position as an editorial graphic illustrator.


Jonathon A. Parsons
Editorial Director

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